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Hall of Famer Spotlight

Lori Hamski

Lori began her playing career in 2004 as an outdoor rec player, and very quickly elevated her game to the highest level. She is one of the fiercest competitors The Mag has ever seen (male or female) and considers losing a form of severe illness!

In 2009 she joined the MN Selects, (perhaps the most successful American women’s team of all-time) and currently competes with perennial American powerhouse Arctic Blast. She is a six-time USA Broomball Women’s division National Champion, as well as a multi-time National Champion in the Co-rec division. She is a multi-time winner of MSF State Championships, Saskatoon Gold Brooms, and Syracuse Can/Am’s, as well as countless other invitationals.

She is a prolific goal-scorer, having led the Women’s division in total points at the 2012 IFBA World Championships. In addition to her on-ice accomplishments Lori is a tireless promoter of the Women’s game. The Editor can tell you from firsthand experience,  more than 75% of the women’s tournaments played in Minnesota the last three years would not have occurred without Lori’s endless organizational contributions.

The Mag salutes you Ms. Hamski, and welcomes you to the USA Broomball Hall of Fame.

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