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Hall of Famer Spotlight

Al Chapman

Chappy is the unquestioned leader in all-time goaltender appearances, having played in five different decades! He has worn most every sweater possible at one time or another, but is perhaps most identified as the Flames goaltender of record for many, many seasons in both the Men’s and Co-Rec Divisions. Westwood, Forest Lake VFW, Jaro’s, Hitmen, Champps, Skinner’s Pub and Barrie’s Tavern are just a portion of the teams that Al has won Men’s championships with. He also owns a slew of major titles with the Flames Co-Rec team, a squad that was as dominant in that division as any before or after.

Some of Al’s most brilliant games have occurred on the largest of stages, including the Big Enchilada, the USA Broomball Men’s A Championship. The greatest performance of Chapman’s career however occurred in the most unlikely of places, the middle of the Mojave Desert at the Las Vegas Ice Center.

In both 2006 and 2008 while playing with Barrie’s Tavern “Let’s Go” stymied the mighty USA Blue in their home away from home of Las Vegas. Chapman was simply brilliant in both championship contests, turning away everything Blue could throw at him! After the 06 contest Chapman so frustrated the Blues coach (and tourney director) that he threw the 5x7 goal frames out of the Vegas rink into the surrounding desert scrub (where they remained partially buried in the sand for four more years before finally being carted away).

Al was equally as brilliant in 08, leading Barrie’s to another Sin City title, this time with the 6x8 frames! One of The Editor’s fondest broomball memories (despite having taken the L earlier in the day with Blue) was seeing the original Barrie’s Tavern guys from NY sitting around the hot tub at The Frontier celebrating the victory Al had led them to.

The Mag salutes you Mr. Chapman, and welcomes you to the USA Broomball Hall of Fame. 

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