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TC Open Tournament

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Cancellations abound world-wide. The Sin City Showdown, Broomfest, the Queen City Southern Shootout, and even the IFBA World Championships have fallen prey to the scourge of the CeeOneNine.

It has become abundantly clear that if an event is dependent on teams traveling to it, it is going to be a very dicey proposition to try and pull it off. It could be that geographic hubs housing six or more teams in the immediate vicinity will be the only places seeing broomball tournaments attempted for the foreseeable future. Minnesota is one such hub (along with Quebec and Ontario). These locales (thanks to their high concentration of teams) can risk offering tourneys, as a majority of the participants won’t have to gamble on risking significant travel dollars.

With that, we turn it over to our friends at The Gold Sheet to handicap what we believe is the first tournament in the United States since the Minnesota Sports Federation State Tournament back in early March.

Odds To Win The Twin City Open

Gold Sheet’s handicappers have been working day and night trying to put a price on these teams, factoring in the severe roster restrictions and other changes unique to this year’s TC.

Ten and only ten players, no interchanging once the roster is turned in. No coaching staff, no spectators, and no locker rooms, its mite hockey, come to the rink dressed!

There are two clear favorites, and perhaps a dark horse or two.

Met X (2-1)

The 2019/20 #1 ranked team in the country enters the tourney as a slight favorite. The inner-turmoil on which ten to select has left Obi-Won-Jonaboi frazzled. The Stanton clan starts a year wearing the same sweater they had on at the end of the previous season for the first time in their careers!

Kelly Lake (5-2)

The ten-man roster will not bother this squad at all as they rarely use more than seven the last ten minutes of a game anyway. The Gold Sheet is going to go out on a limb and say they will be in the Chip, and it will go to OT!

Sun Devils (5-1)

This was originally going to be a prep for the defending Masters World Champions upcoming title defense, so the roster was constructed as such. Those plans are down the drain (thanks a lot Bin Laden) so a few youngsters have been added. The average age is still around 45 however. Is this T-Mac’s final campaign?

OTT (7-1)

You down with OTT? Yeah, you know me!

Skalick’s squad is the wildcard. A roster shrouded in secrecy could surprise.

Outlaws (10-1)

These crazy bastards are flying in from NY! Cuomo and Chiarizia are headed for a Sicilian Death Match if the Guv tries to quarantine this crew upon their return to Cuse. Nobody puts Richie in the corner.

Flames (15-1)

They won the Governor’s Cup last time appearing on Auggie ice. Do you believe in miracles?

Red Rock (17-1)

This could be an overlay for the astute gambling aficionado. The roster may be boosted with Furious talent. Putting them in your Trifecta or Superfecta tickets could lead to nice cash at the window.

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